Publications & Awards


House of the Night Watch (Winner of the 2016 Many Voices Project Prize in Poetry; New Rivers Press; 2018)


Grateful acknowledgments to the editors and presses who have accepted Tara’s work. Poems have been published, or are forthcoming, in the following magazines and collections:

The Adirondack Review: “On the Travelling of Sound

Alaska Women Speak: “Chugach and Raven,” “Eighteen Days into May,” “Layers,” “Sauna (Winter Thaw),” “Variations on a Coastline,” “Winter / Love”

Apeiron Review:  “Shabbat,” “Soil”

Arcturus: “Variations on a Wildfire in November

Bellevue Literary Review: “Hair, Plaited and Tied” and “Self-Portrait with Moxibustion and Neuropathy”

Bellingham Review: “Plot

The Blue Mountain Review: “In the Cemetery,” “Self-Portrait with Ecdysis,” “There Are Rooftops”

Bridge Eight: “Where My Mind Goes When I Run”

Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review: “There Are Days When You Don’t Know What to Say”

Cactus Heart: “Khalil”

Chiron Review: “Dream,” “Frankincense,” “Journal Entry No. 53,” “Maqloobah

Cirque: “A History,” “At Summer’s End”

CONSEQUENCE Magazine: “An Exercise toward Arendt’s Representative Thinking, as Found on Page 241,” “How the Woman Was Taken,” “Year Seven of the War”

Crab Creek Review: “Lesson No. 9,” “The After-Effects of an Inked Impression”

Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts: “The Map Shows Nothing”


diode: How Not to Give In to a Pandemic,” “Okay, Rumi, I Am Here

Foothill Poetry Journal: “A Disturbance of the Atmosphere”

Glass: A Journal of Poetry: “Swimming Late

Gold Man Review: “From Earth”

Guide to Kulchur Creative Journal: “An Email Arrives from My Student,” “International Aid,” “Memory,” “The Color Orange,” “Two Cars and a Cocktail Bomb”

HEArt Online: “Unfinished Letters to Officer [Insert Name]”

Ibbetson Street: “Visitation”

International Poetry Review: “Hikmah Is the Word for Wisdom,” “Waiting For”

The Maine Review: “The Answer for Everything”

The Main Street Rag: “On Acclimation”

The McNeese Review: “Dust Storms,” “We Listen to Speeches from the UN”

Metonym: “After a Day of Grief, Your Husband Turns to Amichai”

Michigan Quarterly Review: “At the Feet of Mothers”

The Missing Slate’s Poem of the Week: “Aloud,” “While Watching the Latest Clip out of Douma”

Mslexia: “Near the Red Sea”

New York Quarterly: “All My Life I Have Perceived the World Wrongly

The Normal School: “A January without Heat

North American Review: “Pastoral”

Off the Coast: “At the Checkpoint,” “House of the Night Watch”

One: “An Example,” “Reading Azar Nafisi in the Midwest

Orbis: Quarterly International Literary Journal: “Lullaby,” “Suheir”

Pacifica Literary Review: Essay on Identifying an Asterism

The Pinch: “Words”

Poetry Northwest: “After,” “I Am Told,” “Self-Portrait with Thorn and Sea

REAL: Regarding Arts and Letters: “A Death in the Old City,” “A Mother Speaks on the Trouble with NGOs and Non-Profits,” “Hannah,” “It Is Early Still,” “It Is September and You Have Run Out of Water”

Rock & Sling: “A Man Has Passed”

Salamander: Maqloobah

The Shore:On the Notion of Lentils

Sierra Nevada Review: “My Husband Catches a Salmon,” “Properties”

Silk Road Review: “Soil”

Slipstream: “Untitled”

The Southampton Review: “Reading E.L. Doctorow in Greece”

Spillway: “Baba Ghanoush”

Split Rock Review: “Resonance”

Spoon River Poetry Review: “Desdemona on Her Balcony or, On Being Surveilled,” “The Voice of Peace”

Stirring: A Literary Collection: “Kun Fayakoun,” “Harvest”

Sukoon: “5:09 AM,” “Again,” “Haboob,” “Lachrymator,” “Over a Fire, There Is a Small Peace,” “Refugee Camp,” “Scripture,” “Taxi-Bus,” “Women”

Tar River Poetry: “Smoke Circle,” “While Desdemona Waits for the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act to Move to the Senate, She Addresses the Man Outside”

Temenos: “December Nocturne,” “Husband”

Tupelo Quarterly:Confession,” “Genealogy, Ending in a Suicide,” “Waiting for Rain,” “With or Without a Hypothesis”

Two Review: “Phosphorus,” “Shawarma”

Vandal‘s Poem of the Day: “I Am Told

Visions International: “Wednesday at 3:00pm”

War, Literature and the Arts (Vol. 25): “How Do I Write to You about Minefields?”

Wasafiri: “And She Said”

West Texas Literary Review: “Behind a House”


The Nazim Hikmet Poetry Festival’s Hasret / Longing: “Questions Asked When I Return,” “Sister,” “Translation”

Truth to Power: Writers Respond to the Rhetoric of Hate and Fear: “A Post-Election Aubade from…,” “Unfinished Letters to Officer [Insert Name]”


North American Review: “Animum Advertere,” “Drinking from the Water: Finding ‘Pastoral’ in the Work of Terry Tempest Williams

Urban Farmhouse Press’ Ford City Anthology: “What It Is to Witness: Understanding and Applying Poetry’s Bardic Tradition”


Heavy Feather Review: “‘We, the Source’: Tara Ballard on the Resilience of Women in Maggie Queeney’s settler,” “‘Whispering Dominium’: Witness and Want in Corey Van Landingham’s Love Letter to Who Owns the Heavens

Tupelo Quarterly: “‘I find in the mirror a woman’: (Bodily) Citizenship in Katie Farris’s Standing in the Forest of Being Alive,” “‘The Wandering Shape of You’: Evidence and Recollection in Iliana Rocha’s The Many Deaths of Inocencio Rodriguez by Tara Ballard”

Rain Taxi: “Deluge by Leila Chatti,” “O by Zeina Hashem Beck,” “Refugee by Pamela Uschuk,” “The Wild Fox of Yemen by Threa Almontaser”


Bellingham Review: “Contributor Spotlight: Tara Ballard”

Speaking of Marvels: “Tara Ballard: Pay attention to the small wonders…


Nominated for a 2022 Pushcart Prize by Tar River Poetry

Finalist for a Barjeel Poetry Prize in English in 2020

Nominated for a 2019 Pushcart Prize by the Nazim Hikmet Poetry Festival

Nominated for a 2019 Pushcart Prize by Alaska Women Speak

Winner of a 2019 Nazim Hikmet Poetry Prize: Third Place

Semi-finalist in Grist: A Journal for Writers‘ 2018 ProForma Poetry Contest

Winner of the 2016 Many Voices Project Competition: House of the Night Watch

Finalist in the Writers @ Work 2016 Fellowship Competition: “Words?”

Finalist in the 2014 Crab Orchard Series in Poetry Open Competition: Manuscript

Semi-finalist in Cutthroat’s 2014 Joy Harjo Poetry Contest: “The Map Will Show Nothing”

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